Monday, May 17, 2010

Trippin it to the SASS Dojo, NH

SO a couple days ago the great SASS dojo up in Hew Hampshire gave me a call and told me to get up here. This was THE headquarters, the master dojo, where the ideas flourish and the too-crazy-of-an-dream become real. After spending the weekend with the family, I headed out on the Bolt bus at 9am on Monday. The Bus was a full ride, and I got the aisle seat; I hate the aisle seat. 4 and a half hours later I arrived in South Station Bus terminal, had 30 min to get my next ticket, get some snacks, and hop on the C&J Bus to Portsmouth, NH.

I got an aisle seat, but a very friendly grandma who wouldn't stop talking sat right next to me. We talked everything from her grandchildern, to her lake next to her house, to the show we were watching. Right above our heads a TV was playing an episode of the tonight show with Johnny Carson from 1980. This TV show was the funniest thing I've seen in awhile. one woman was making music out of these metal disks by picking them up and dropping them on a table. It was going great until the entire table just collapsed, and that was it of the show. Another was two guys balancing these huge vases on their heads and doing tricks. 

After about an hour and half of all of this, I made it to Portsmouth, and finally made my way to the SASS Secret headquarters. I'll have some photos of the place tommorow!

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