Wednesday, May 19, 2010

East Coast Ice Coast Shredding

Found some a bunch of photos while I lived with my buddy Randall Stacy and shreded with the SMS crew. Shot everything from Icy -10 degree pipe mornings, to bomb dropping an old run down Factory building, to one-hitter skate tricks in an elementary school bowl. Previous coach and good friend Ian Kirk would bring me to these secret spots with a  plan the night before on what he wanted to do. We got work DONE everytime. Its always a great time chilling and shredding with the SMS homies; I'm a EastCoast rat, what can I say. Enjoy!

Erik Roomet stoked to go snowboard

Randall Stacy Planting a OG-bomb in that pipe

Joey Mench doing tweaking the ice off his board

Eric Beauchmin Luanching. First try too

Ian Kirk always stepping up


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