Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Exploring SOHO

So to continue my "HangTen Project", I took a trip down to SOHO today to see what I could find with my skateboard. SOHO has so much art and so much class; I've lost count how many times I've skated there and each time I've gotten lost. I seem to find new art on the walls and new streets that don't seem to be on the map. I feel like making a secret map of all the little spots and alley-ways, like in Harry Potter. And the women! OH que Linda! so much stuff is always happening down there; its its own little world. So I did alittle loop around SOHO, ended up in Union Square, bought the largest apple I've ever eaten in my life, and met up with Kai and my mom to have some after school Ice cream. Nothing like some fancy ice cream...

(Click Photo to Enlarge)


  1. love the hangten project! photos are super duper cool.

  2. i love the third and fourth ones down from the top